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New Gmail Quick Buttons Make Email Easier

This year was a year of changes for Gmail, but hey what year isn’t? Right? Since its inception, Gmail has continued to develop and advance giving us exciting features. Earlier on 2017, the popular email service added quick-action buttons designed to improve the way users interact with email messages.

Thanks to these buttons you no longer have to open a message to see its contents. Over the year they have kept adding new quick-action buttons, so now you can instantly interact with content from:

DropBox, OpenTable, Youtube, Vimeo, and Seamless.

Also, they have added a button to instantly add files from Google Docs without exiting your composing window. This button has proved to be a significant advantage when faxing from the Internet since it gives us the opportunity to deliver our messages faster without having to store files on our computers.

The new buttons added by Google, have been added in an effort to improve efficiency when emailing, especially when you take into account the big percentage of users receiving updated content from this channels via Gmail.

In the case of Seamless, you can go beyond basic buttons. The email service has added a new way to rate a restaurant or company via the new button correctly named “Review” that you can find next to your messages.

When dealing with Dropbox or Drive files, you’ll have much more flexibility than in the past year. They can be easily accessed via a button, so you can finally forget about meticulously searching all your email messages for a file you don’t remember how it is named.

As you can see in the image shown on the top of the post, there are also buttons for emails regarding orders and tracking numbers for Amazon and for confirming new email subscriptions.

Over the many months, these new buttons have become available, the search engine giant has received mostly positive reviews, and is using this feedback to improve areas that may not have been working as expected. It is no secret that Google is looking to expand the functionality of these buttons further, adding new actions and integration with other sites or services.

There’s no wonder this has been one of the biggest changes from Gmail in recent times, helping us improve our productivity and optimising the time we spend reading emails. We have come a long way since those days when you had to remove spam manually, and the truth is that many more developments are expected to come.

Have you tried these buttons? Do you think they improve your Gmail experience? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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