gmail quick action buttons

New Gmail Quick Buttons Make Email Easier

This year was a year of changes for Gmail, but hey what year isn’t? Right? Since its inception, Gmail has continued to develop and advance giving us exciting features. Earlier on 2017, the popular email service added quick-action buttons designed to improve the way users interact with email messages.

Thanks to these buttons you no longer have to open a message to see its contents. Over the year they have kept adding new quick-action buttons, so now you can instantly interact with content from:

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Google Fax Number – Get Yours for Free!

googlefaxnumberA Google fax number is nothing but a virtual fax number, which is in charge of redirecting incoming faxes to your Gmail account.  It comes included with email fax accounts.

Thanks to email to fax technology we can simply replace the use of traditional numbers and instead send and receive faxes in the same manner we send and receive common emails. Here you will learn how an email fax number works and how you can obtain one.

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Top Google Docs Tips and Tricks to Give You Super Productivity!

docs-googleGoogle Docs is a great free application that let you create, manage and edit documents from the cloud. It has already some time and recently has been included in the Google Drive cloud storage service.  This online app comes already available with your Google account and can handle from text documents to spreadsheets.

Here are some tips that will help you use this service to the maximum potential. Enjoy!

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How to Send Gmail Fax the Easiest Way

sending a gmail faxAre you ready to send your first Gmail fax? Learn how to get started with online fax using just your email adress. Forget about using fax machines!

I used to love fax machines.  I seriously did.  Back in the day, they were more than useful to share documents with customers or providers, but the truth is that traditional faxing technology has reached a tipping point in the past decade.

Since the Internet and digital technology started permeating different aspects of our lives, the use of fax machine feels like an old thing.

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